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Computer Choppers provides luxury customization services unmatched anywhere in the world. Our flexible service allows us to customize computers and electronics in all shapes and sizes. From plating to jewelry and casting, you will not find another service quite like this. If you wish to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece of electronic art, contact us. Custom plated and anodized laptops are exclusive to Computer Choppers, no other company in the world offers a similar service.

Though we are known for our customized Apple products, we provide our services on most any computer or electronic item.

Specialty Plating
Computer Choppers has over 50 different decorative finishes available for treating your electronics. Each type of plating comes in two distinct finishes: brushed and polished. Customizations can be made for multiple finishes on one product or combinations with other surface treatments. To request plating samples, contact us by phone.
A satin or brushed finish receives horizontal or vertical brush strokes in the finish. These finishes often look best without a protective clear coat. Looks equally beautiful on the interior or exterior of laptops.
Our most popular look. A polished finish will give your custom computer a mirror-like reflection. All polished golds require a clear coat while chrome and platinum do not.


Copper Black Nickel 24kt Gold
chrome copper black nickel gold
White Gold Rose Gold Platinum  
white gold rose gold plat  
Other specialty plating such as: silver, old english gold, chamagne gold, almond gold, honey gold, rose copper, bronze, and pewter can be requested.

Specialty Plating
Custom patterns, logos, text, and other vector art can be added to any of our plated products. These types of graphics can be submitted by the customer or created from scratch by our graphics team. There is no limit to the intricacy of the drawing and we are happy to create any type of artwork you request. If you would like to see some sample patterns or artwork, please email us with your request.

Specialty Plating
Anodizing is a protective treatment for aluminum parts with a very high scratch resistance and a wide variety of colors available. This is the same treatment used by Apple on their famed Macbook laptop lineup. Anodizing will never flake or fade in color. Our anodizing treatments typically last longer than the product itself (up to 10 years). This coating can be combined with plating on laptops to give a different feel on the interior and exterior.
This is our standard and most common look. It gives a soft muted matte finish (in any color). More scratch resistant than paint and a way to set your computer apart from the rest of the world.
Candy (bright dipped):
This type of finish adds a hint of reflection to make the color literally glow.
Blood Red


Light Gold


Light Green
Dark Green
Navy Blue


Titanium Gray



Specialty Plating
Various pre and post treatments can be added to standard anodizing to produce a variety of unique results. Our most popular are listed below. Splatter effects allow you to choose a base color anodizing and a second color to splatter over it. Each panel has it's own unique splatter. Variegated anodizing allows you to combine multiple colors in ghost-like effects from one color to another. Fade treatments lets you choose two colors to fade from one to the other on each product surface. Finally, engraved graphics can be applied before or after anodizing. These can be custom made by our design team or you can submit your own. Engraving will appear light gray if applied after the anodizing treatment. If we engrave before the anodizing process, the panel will fill in with the color you choose on the part. For more information or help customizing your own unique look, call or email us at any time.
Splatter Variegated Fades Engraved Graphics

Specialty Plating
Custom logos and stone arrangements can be made by request. This jewelry can be installed into laptop housings, chassis, cases, consoles, and handheld devices. Casings are machined to fit new logo if necessary. Customers can make specific requests in regards to the base metal, stone type, layout, color, and cut or Computer Choppers can tailor the logo for you from the ground up. Custom logos are rendered prior to casting for approval by customer. To receive a quote, please submit your logo or graphic via our contact page.
Base Metal: Stones:
• Silver (DeOX)
• White Gold (14kt, 18kt)
• Yellow Gold (14kt, 18kt, 22kt)
• Platinum
• Cubic Zirconia
• Diamonds (SI, VS, VVS, IF)
• Sapphires
• Custom Request (contact us for more information)
We purchase our diamonds from some of the largest and most well respected suppliers in the industry. We make sure that all stones are guaranteed conflict free and written guarantees are provided by the specific supplier. Any use of large stones will be accompanied by a certificate (grading report). Logos requiring tens, hundreds, or thousands of small stones will not receive individual grading reports but will be guaranteed by Computer Choppers to be of an agreed quality for your specific custom product.


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