iPhone 3G-S


The Apple iPhone 3G-S can be requested in a limited number of plating options. Available in polished or brushed finishes. A diamond logo or bezel is available for this model in addition to custom made logos. Laser engraving is also available. New factory unlocked iPhone 3G-S can be purchased and we also accept customer provided iPhones.

For up to date specifications on the most recent iPhone 3G-S, please see the Apple website.

Rumors of a new iPhone 4G are hitting the web so this custom plated model will be phased out upon the new iPhone offering from Apple.



  • Triple Chrome
  • Copper (clear coat req.)
  • 24kt Gold (clear coat req.)
  • Platinum

Color Anodizing:

  • (Not Available)


  • Diamond Logo
  • Diamond Bezel
  • Custom Logo
  • Engraving


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