iPad (Wifi and Wifi + 3G)


The new Apple iPad (both Wifi and Wifi + 3G models) are now available to be customized. The iPads aluminum housing allows for a large number of surface treatments similar to our custom laptop lineup. Plating is available in matte, brushed and polished finishes. Custom patterns and graphics can now be created in the plating itself.

Color anodizing options include original, candy, and polished finishes. Polished iPads are anodized over a mirror finish aluminum which creates a mirror reflective color while maintaining a highly scratch resistant finish.

Custom logos are available in a variety of materials. Plated and jeweled logos require modifications to the internal wireless antenna. Some of our competitors offer jeweled logos without modifications to the wireless antennas. Please be aware that the housing must be modified (typically with a plastic insert) to maintain any wireless signal. Customers who wish to maintain the original look of the device but still add jewelry can add a diamond logo outline with non-metallic insert. Contact us for more information.

For up to date specifications on the most recent iPad, please see the Apple website.



  • Triple Chrome
  • Blk Chrome (clear coat req.)
  • Copper (clear coat req.)
  • 24kt Gold (clear coat req.)
  • White Gold (clear coat req.)
  • Rose Gold (clear coat req.)
  • Platinum

Color Anodizing:

  • Original (flat)
  • Candy (semi gloss)
  • Polished (glossy)


  • Diamond Logo
  • Diamond Logo Outline
  • Custom Logo
  • Solid Cast 18kt Gold or Platinum


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