Blackberry Storm2 9550


The Blackberry Storm2 9550 is available in a variety of polished plating finishes including white and rose gold. Unlike other Blackberries, the Storm2 has a steel rear housing which allows for more plating options. Jewelry can be made to customer request including solid cast front bezel. Both the logo and bezel can be created with diamond jewelry. Call or email us for specific requests.

Phone can be purchased new or provided by the customer. All new phones are unlocked for usage worldwide.

For up to date specifications, please see the Blackberry website.



  • Triple Chrome
  • Blk Chrome (clear coat req.)
  • Copper (clear coat req.)
  • 24kt Gold (clear coat req.)
  • White Gold (rear housing)
  • Rose Gold (rear housing)
  • Platinum

Color Anodizing:

  • (Not Available)


  • Solid Gold Casting Available
  • Diamond Bezel
  • Diamond Logo
  • Custom Logo
  • Engraving


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