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Computer Choppers was founded in 1996 as a computer customizing company and quickly found a niche fabricating one-off high end computers for electronics fairs worldwide. Transitioning to specialty plating and jewelry in 2007, Computer Choppers added their luxury customizations to Apple Computer's famous product line instantly creating a niche for luxury computer goods never before seen. Computer Choppers has since brought their unique style and extravagant designs to hundreds of typically boring computers and gadgets the world over.

Considered some of the most luxurious computer products on the market today, Computer Chopper's owner Alex Wiley used his computer experience and business acumen to create a name for himself in Apple circles around the globe. Dubbed the "Mac Daddy" in 2007, Alex created the world's first Gold Macbook Pro laptop and promptly followed it up by glitzing the entire Apple product line with speciality plating and diamond jewelry.

Computer Choppers custom products can now be seen in the hands of celebrities and athletes worldwide and continue receiving rave reviews for their over-the-top style.

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