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OCTOBER 30, 2014


As some of you know we changed our name at the start of the year to ADEMOV Luxury Electronics. Our new website can now be found at or For the latest and greatest products, head over there. We'll be adding content daily. Enjoy!

OCTOBER 15, 2014

iPhone6 24kt Gold

Our first units of the 24kt Gold iPhone6 are finishing up this week. We have over 20 engraving designs along with the standard finishes (satin or polished) and a few jeweled models available as well. The iPhone6 Plus is up next.

AUGUST 15, 2014

iPhone6 and more

We will be releasing the iPhone6 in custom plating starting on the release date of the phone. You may already be seeing photos of what appears to be a gold or platinum iPhone 6 but many are from very good clones and/or knockoffs. Be wary when pre-ordering from anyone before the actual item is released from Apple. The clones of this phone are incredibly similar to what the iPhone6 may look like. Be sure you are getting the real thing!

Our ADEMOV Executive, Signature, and new Emerald custom iPhone 6's will be available shortly after the release. We will have new engraving designs, new jewelry, and host of other customizations available.

If you wish to be updated with the newest photos and information, send us an email and we'll respond within a few hours.

MAY 23, 2014

Watch out for fake Chinese Macbook Pro, Macbook Air laptops

Buyer Beware. It's taken 7 years but China and Hong Kong are beginning to make PVD gold and other fake gold laptop parts. Be wary of examples showing up on Ebay auctions and other fake luxury companies who try to copy our work. You get what you pay for in this industry, believe us.

If you want real quality plating and customization, look for the Computer Choppers / ADEMOV logo.

MARCH 10, 2014

Custom Polished & Engraved 24kt Gold Macbook Pro (Retina) 13"

A beautiful polished and engraved 24kt Gold Macbook Pro 13" (Retina) with purple keyboard, trackpad, and logo. Some of the most detailed engraving we've done to date.

DECEMBER 16, 2013

Happy Holidays! Dazzling Gold iPad Air. You haven't seen anything like this before.

There is nothing like a little competition to get us working on some extreme customizations. Rather than polish another Gold iPad (like you've seen from us many times), we decided to up the ante a little bit to show everyone who creates the baddest gadgets on the planet. The pictured Gold iPad Air is polished, engraved, and machine cut with a black acrylic layer to match the black Apple logo. About the only step we left out was diamonds in the entire thing.

DECEMBER 3, 2013

iPhone5s, iPad Air, Mac Pro, Playstation 4, & Xbox One all available in Gold and more!

Our ADEMOV Signature Series Gold iPhone5s available with a 2-3 day turnaround. You won't find plating like this anywhere else in the world.

There has been a great number of new product releases this winter and we've been saving most of the new products for our ADEMOV release party. Since we keep having to delay the release, we hate to keep quiet about all of the new customizations. We have the new iPad Air in house and have experimented with some new customization techniques on it. The Playstation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One were also released and we've got those in the plating line this week. Expect photos of all three in the new year. The Mac Pro desktop system is also being released this month and we're looking to one-up Jony Ive's candy red anodized Mac Pro by creating something a little more dazzling. Stay tuned for more on that Gold Mac and our new ADEMOV branded products.

AUGUST 21, 2013

ADEMOV Announcement & New (24kt) Gold iPhones Coming Soon!

Computer Choppers has come a long way in the past few years from a hobby store to a luxury boutique so it's rather fitting for us to revamp the website and brand into something a little bigger. We've been working diligently to create a new online boutique for all of our customization services and will be releasing the site (soon) under the new brand ADEMOV LLC. We will have a host of new products including the soon-to-be-announced iPhone5s. The website will redirect to the new once we're finished.

In the mean time, we've already started receiving inquiries about the new iPhone5s (including the rumored Gold or "Champage" iPhone5s), iPad, iPad Mini, etc. We will be plating all of them in due time. If you wish to be the first to have a custom 5s, give us a call. And if you really want to try something new, why not plate your phone in our Champagne or Almond Gold plating?

MAY 17, 2013

24kt Gold iPad Mini Wifi+Cellular

Pictured is the polished 24kt Gold iPad Mini. Available in Wifi or Wifi+Cellular.

JANUARY 2, 2013

Happy New Year. New Platinum Plated Macbook Pro 15" (w/ Retina Display)

Happy new year everyone! We're starting the year off right with some custom plated Retina display Macbook Pro laptops.

DECEMBER 19, 2012

Gold iPhone5 and other types of gold plating

We've been a little slow to show off our latest creations due to the increasing number of orders this holiday season. The iPhone5 has been plated in a variety of finishes shown below. We also have a number of new releases coming this new year including the iPad Mini and retina display Macbook Pros. Happy Holidays!

OCTOBER 5, 2012

The New Gold Macbook Air 11 & 13"

After a 2 year hiatus, the Macbook Air is now back in our product lineup. Our first example is a 24kt Gold Macbook Air 11" with custom engraving, a color matched keyboard and trackpad. These laptops are now offered in plating and anodizing with all of the same customization techniques used in the Macbook Pro lineup. You won't find this kind of Macbook Air anywhere else in the world. Call or email us for a quote.

JUNE 6, 2012


Pink Anodized Macbook Pro 13" with Gold color keyboard, trackpad, and 24kt Gold Logo

Polished Gold Macbook Pro 15" (24kt with clear coat)

Miscellaneous customizations: Black Anodized Macbook Pro with Gold Logo, Black Anodized iPad3 with 24kt Gold Logo, Polished Gold iPad3 with custom graphics, Polished Gold & Diamonds Macbook Pro with custom scrolling engraved graphics.

MARCH 20, 2012

Polished Gold iMac 27" (24kt Gold with Clear Coat)

Here's a recently finished polished 24kt Gold (with clear coat) iMac 27". This monster desktop system is a rare commodity in the luxury world and you won't find it anywhere else. Call or email us for a quote on your custom system today!

From 2010, here's a Polished Rose Gold & Diamond iMac 21.5" model.

NOVEMBER 25, 2011

Graphic Plated Gold iPad2's (24kt)

Our custom iPads receive the same graphic plating treatment as our laptops. Pictured is two of our most recent items with paisley and scroll work graphics. Call or email us to see what we have in stock for fast delivery times during the holiday season. Happy holidays!

OCTOBER 6, 2011

24kt Gold & Diamonds Graphic-Plated Macbook Pro

Our latest and greatest Gold & Diamonds Graphic-Plated Macbook Pro will be showing in Dubai October 10th-13th at the Gitex conference. This customized Macbook Pro laptop features polished 24kt Gold and graphics in the plating in addition to a VS diamond logo. To design your own graphics and receive a quote for your custom laptop, call or email us at any time.


Polished Rose Gold & Diamonds iPhone4 32GB (factory unlocked)

Another custom Polished Rose Gold iPhone4 with 14kt White Gold & Diamonds logo.

AUGUST 5, 2011

Polished 24kt Gold Macbook Pro 13"

Pictured is a polished 24kt Gold Macbook Pro 13" with color matched keyboard and trackpad. The plating is given a baked on clear coat so you can handle the it just like a regular laptop without worry of scratching. Pricing for the 13" model starts at $5,000 USD and will vary based on the hardware specifications you choose. Build time is 3-4 weeks or 2 weeks expedited (additional fee applies). Be one of the few people in the world with a flawless 24kt mirror finish on their Macbook Pro. Give us a call.



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